Came across the cryptic coatings BCG which is a Toolcraft with PVD/CVD coating a year or so ago, I'm sure most of you have run across it in your web travels. ( 0 ) ratings No … The Rainier Arms Precision Match Grade Phosphate BCG - 5.56 Nitride is machined and finished to a higher standard to meet and exceed all Mil Spec. These specialized coatings lower operating temperature of your firearm while increasing overall performance and BCG life. The bolt glided with each shot and there was very low recoil impulse from the Cobalt Kinetics proprietary buffer system, on top of that the CBC Industries barrel has a built-in compensator that constantly drove the rifle downwards. The truth is that FA BCGs also tend to be more durable than semi-automatic ones. While an understandable precaution set in place to prevent the use of automatic weapons, the problem with semi-automatic BCGs is that they never were really necessary. For competitive shooters and hobbyists looking to cut back on as much weight as possible, lightweight BCGs are a great way to lose some unnecessary ounces. I glanced through Cryptic Coatings website to see why my brother was so intent on buying one of their bolt carrier groups. Pursue Your Passion. While titanium isn’t as light as aluminum, it is roughly 40% lighter than 8620 steel. The heavier the BCG weighs, the more recoil you’ll feel as a result. Firstly, there’s not a huge difference in price between a cheap BCG and a reliable one. Color Clear: Quantity. The Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze Complete BCG was specifically designed for fully automatic AR-15s, M16s, and M4s. Features. The downside is that individual testing requires more labor, which means that the individually-tested pieces are more expensive as a result. With that said, titanium is softer than steel, which makes it vulnerable to excessive friction. But with hybrid BCGs, things aren’t as clear-cut. In order for a BCG to be truly mil-spec, it has to be of the full-auto variety. First class service and best value found here online. Rainier Arms. HPT (High Pressure Tested) and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected). Related products [Magazine] Arcus 98DA Magazine (Works in Hi-Powers Too), 15rd, 9X19, NOS $30 This test scans the surface for imperfections and cracks that could compromise the quality of the BCG. Cryptic Coatings Lightweight BCG – Mystic Black $315” Cancel reply. Cryptic Coatings offers complete bolt carrier groups in one of six of their high luster coatings. than 8620 steel. Stronger than nickel boron, phosphate gives your BCG a hard, protective layer so think that it actually increases the overall thickness of your bolt carrier group. This is one of six BCGs available in all kinds of high luster coatings. Along with reducing the overall weight of your gun, lightweight BCGs are sought after because they provide a. and reduced recoil. Next on the agenda, we have the Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze Complete BCG. Your email address will not be published. If you intend on building a standard AR-15, we recommend going with a semi-auto or mil-spec BCG. Conover, N.C. – With ties in the performance coatings industry, Cryptic Coatings, Ltd. enters the specialty firearms coating industry by offering complete full auto Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG) for AR15, M16 and M4 firearms coated in their specialty Physical Vapor Disposition (PVD) or Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes. I bought a Tool Craft bolt from Cryptic Coatings to complete a BCG I had laying around. Related products. My rifle's test was one shot every two seconds for 90 rounds, let barrel cool down to ambient temp, and then wipe down and re-lube with … Also 158 bolt that is HPT/MPI. I had only ever used a standard BC, usually a Colt and I KNEW it worked perfectly well. However, this BCG beginning as a Toolcraft and the claims on added durability/slickness have me wanting more info. Here are some of the common types of coating that you’ll probably come across when shopping around for your next BCG. You must be logged in to post a review. The general consensus is that a nickel boron coating provides a smoother finish, but ion bonding is a close second. The Cryptic Coatings bolt carrier group there is no need to use any sort of lubrication as it is a self-lubricating coating. Cryptic Coatings Toolcraft BCG uses a Tool Steel Extractor with viton o-ring so you wouldnt have to change anything out. Their specifications are solid and under a magnifying glass it shows. When it comes to price, semi-auto BCGs are often the least expensive of the bolt carrier groups. My rifle's test was one shot every two seconds for 90 rounds, let barrel cool down to ambient temp, and then wipe down and re-lube with … Albeit expensive, nickel boron is one of the best coatings that you can have on your BCG. Most Popular. UCT Coatings' patented EXO technology is DoD tested, approved and guaranteed to improve the performance and realiability of your firearms even in the harshest of environments. Add to cart. I also have an F1 that I am sure is exactly the same part with a different logo. Rainier Arms AR-15 Precision Match Grade BCG - Nitride. The reason for this is simple: as you fire your gun, gas pressure from the fired round pushes the BCG back, cycling the ammo. This BCG also included a chrome lined and heat treated gas key. The latter is said to be better quality than their mil-spec counterparts. Its versatility makes it the perfect material, regardless of whether your AR-15 is used for home defense, competitive shooting, or just range shooting. Standard GI magazines fed perfectly fine, Hera magazines worked, and I did not have the chance to test Magpul magazines yet. Just as the name suggests, semi-auto bolt carriers have been specifically designed to. Best AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG): The AR’s Engine, And no matter how experienced you are at building AR-15s, there’s always one step of the way that feels more complicated than it should –, Between the unnecessary phrases and acronyms like. The bolts are made by Toolcraft and are well known for being able to function well without any coatings. He has since graduated from Sonoran Desert Institute with an Associate in Science of Firearms Technology and plans to work on a Sociology degree next. You can expect semi-autos to be significantly cheaper, with decent quality pieces averaging around $100. Because of its lightness and strength, aluminum is commonly used for lightweight bolt carrier groups. Last month I was involved with a 10,000 round endurance test by a local rifle mfg (NDA prevents me from disclosing their information at this time), and my rifle as well as one other had the Cryptic Coatings BCG's in the Black Mystic/CVD treatment.
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