Just be forewarned, a lot of people make the leap to the higher end subs (4000 series, 16 Ultra) within their 1 year upgrade period, it can be an addiction. I can assure you that (and I’ve measured this) the PB-1000’s do not have any dead spots, rooms do. I’m also building out an RV to have a deploy-able home theater so more people can hear it. you can visit my very own “Amazon Influencer Page” here (click here)! I find ported subs MUCH more comfortable to listen to, and I highly recommend them over sealed for sensitive ears, like those prone to headaches, sensitive ears in general, autism spectrum, Post Concussion Syndrome, and pets. hi, i have a pair of klipsch rt-10D’s they sound really good. International SVS orders can go through Amazon (click here), if it’s available. Sorry I’m slow in replying! 1,200 Watts RMS, 4,000+ Watts Peak Power Sledge STA-1200D DSP amplifier moves nearly limitless current through the motor and discrete MOSFETs for effortless power with pinpoint control and accuracy even with the most demanding home theater and musical content. Even though return shipping is free you know it’s not practical because of the size and wieght of these devices. My Denon X-2000 is only rated for 95 watts per channel, and that gets divided up to be considerably less than 95 watts per channel when spread out over 5-7 channels. I’d go dual PB-12 Plus over a single PB-16 Ultra, as awesome as it is. I can’t say that it will deliver the kind bass that I look for, but I suspect it might, and earn a permanent spot on this list. It’s my opinion that a subwoofer is not a quality subwoofer if it can’t play the entire humanly audible bass spectrum, down to 20 hertz, with clear, low distortion authority. In short, I’m sure the difference will be undeniable. The PC-4000 is among SVS’s recently released 4000 series subwoofers, which take some technology developed for the PB16-Ultra and SB16-Ultra flagships I reviewed in late 2016 ($2,500 and $2,000 respectively, February/March 2017 issue and soundandvision.com). Subwoofer101 is the world’s first SVS affiliate. Dual PB-1000’s would be your best bet, but even though they are the smallest on this list, they will be larger than you’re used to. Always appreciate updates like this! Measure before ordering, very tall (47 Inches). Watch for my apartment video coming up…. That’s been my experience! You can download an SPL meter app to check what your output is at 50-60 hertz vs 20-25 hertz. Say that you’d normally run the sub gain at 50% and AVR subwoofer trim at -3.0, instead try running the sub gain (the dial on the sub itself) at 15-25% and AVR subwoofer trim at -1.0 to +3.0 or whatever sounds right. It would not make this list in “THX Mode”, but it does belong in “Extended Mode”, with all ports open. Realism, impact, and explosiveness are off the charts! Subwoofers are more concrete and measurable, which is more in my lane. I’ve never looked back, the difference is undeniable. I’ve heard subs that SHOULD have been amazing, but left me unimpressed. Most subwoofers get quieter once they reach under 30-40 hertz. You can compare his in room graphs to mine, if you’ll forgive my room nulls at 72-78 hertz. Most subwoofers, easily more than 90% of 10″-18″ subs (regardless of wattage and price), are TOO SHALLOW SOUNDING, both in extension and in “Depth of Presentation”. Is your row home floor solid, like concrete, or is it a wood? There’s a reason the list is so short, a ported sub rarely has any real output down to 20 hertz, and doing it with composure and authority is even more rare. Also, my room isn’t all that big (12 x 22 x 7.5) and it’s filled with five large recliners on two levels. The more revenue I get, the more I can explore the hobby and share my findings. However most publicly available CEA … Will post back after I’ve done some testing. SVS PB-4000 . I have an MX350. Here’s the link to the system builder: System Builder. Would you recommend a dual PB-10 setup at around $900 or the HSU FV15HP for $1k? Here’s the video I did on it: Swiss Cheese Bass. I don’t think your feelings are unfounded, most subs get quieter as they go deeper. Hi Ryan, thanks for all your videos. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Polk Audio PSW505 is a more popular subwoofer, based on its 2,000+ reviews. Just not deep enough. That said, and as crazy as it sounds, I’d still run dual subs, and not for the output. Dividing your bass budget to include 2 matched subs is the ONLY way to go, and any sub on this list in a dual configuration should put a Cheshire grin on your face. Well worth the size difference, in my opinion. Isolation HIGHLY recommended for wood sub-floors. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Large Vs Small (LFE + Main, Double Bass, etc…). If not, your sickness is much worse than mine, and you are in serious trouble! Swiss Cheese Bass is something that happens with single subs: https://youtu.be/865RhwRLUM0, Any sub on this list will get you done in a dual configuration. That said, I’m running PB-2000’s in there now and love it. It’s an impressive series too, bass aside. They definitely have the chops! I’ve seen a lot of incomplete and misleading subwoofer reviews that can be attributed to single subwoofer use. Unfortunately the 2000’s are out of my budget, due to my accommodation I think a 500w Sub is far too much unless I want to get the neighbours angry lol. Show all Images . 1 S. shadyJ … Isolation included! They bring a realism to ALL of my audio and video enjoyment. ReviewFinder is reader-supported - if you click on a link on ReviewFinder and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Running a higher crossover on the AVR, (at least 80 hertz) and setting the speakers to “Small” (even if they are huge!) Especially after a good month of owning them, they just have opened up tremendously. Their Bill of Rights is one of the most comprehensive customer protection packages in the industry. Naturally, the 3000s are quite a bit heftier and bulkier than the 2000s without being as massive as the 4000s. And going to upgrade to all SVS Ultra speakers when funds allow. The Ultra Towers are outstanding, but they are the one SVS speaker that doesn’t need as much distance variation. As an affiliate, going through my links ensures factory direct benefits. All subs on the list are deep sounding, but so far SVS subs consistently have the deepest sound and depth of presentation, regardless of size or price. ($) The PB-12 NSD is a 12″ Ported subwoofer. Rather than producing “man cave only” subwoofers, they produce subs that look nice in living/family rooms as well, while also producing the deepest sounding subs on this list. Hi Pavel, Hard to say if it’s “worth it”, I’m not sure what a new SVS would cost you with exchange rates, but it should be a decent sub if well cared for. It's in the top 3 bestselling subwoofers and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as SVS SB16-Ultra or JBL LSR6312SP . Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and … Overall, it’s great performing subwoofer and a solid buy based on it’s depth of presentation and explosiveness. SVS was kind enough to loan me two PB-4000 subwoofers for the course of this review, but I did start by calibrating and running one by itself, merely to test its output. i have this one on sale, not so far from my locatiion for 540$, and just want ton know worth it or not? For me, the only time room size is an issue is in MASSIVE rooms. I was looking at getting dual outlaw m8 any opinions on that my room is 11.5 x 16 feet. The Ultra Towers do best with only 0-1 foot added to the sub distance after room correction. True 13 Hertz performance. Active subwoofers like these have their own amplification. With SVS, going through a dealer is OK, but the Bill of Rights may not fully apply. If I get the foam isolation feet does that fix the issues with wood subfloor or do you recco only front firing for wood subfloor regardless of isolation? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’ve been very happy with the combination but always open to suggestions on ways to improve the setup. Hope that helps! Great bass is truly rare. Most AVR’s are only rated at 2 channels driven, and the more channels are driven, the more watered down it gets. Visit SVS and look up their Bill of Rights. Nothing will allow you to play Deadmau5 at 2 am without the local PD paying you a visit. Very few subs go deep enough for my liking. I currently have the Def Tech Supercube 2000 and I want to go dual. It’s definitely audible, most subs just don’t produce enough if it. Go to popularity ranking You would be able to feel 20 hertz with the SB-2000’s, however it will me more impressive with the PB-1000’s and more so with the PB-2000’s. It’s the customer’s responsibility to shop and arrange the freight shipment. The PB-2000’s are the simplest, pretty much plug and play, where the Plus and Ultra series offer a lot of adjust-ability, but that also means you need to pay attention a bit more. Going with bookshelf speakers doesn’t mean you won’t have good bass, but I would run a higher crossover. The additional sub will allow you to hear all of the bass, and check out the distance hack which can help you remove a few more cancellations. 12″ Ported Cylinder sub, comes with the Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System, same internals as the PB-2000. I can hear down to 17 hertz, and most subs on this list will deliver beyond that in their “in-room” response. Based on previous experience, it would likely not make this list in “THX Mode”, but it MIGHT belong in “Extended Mode” like the 15. If it had DSP, the chances of bucking that trend would be better. http://i.imgur.com/3svVBEp.png, The VTF-15H MK2 is massive, but the price/performance is great. In the end, because of my love for two-channel music above all else, I went with dual SVS SB-3000 subs … and I could not be happier. Verdict. It’s hard to explain, but even if you manage to get a perfectly “flat” response curve with a single sub, you still get Swiss Cheese Bass, where parts of the bass just seem absent. Dual PB-2000’s are the best bang for the buck, and as you go up in price you get more realism, headroom, and raw power. I also find duals more comfortable. Free shipping, free returns, 1 year trade up. I apologize for not getting back sooner, summer heat has really slowed me down. If you want to learn more about the crossover settings, check this out. “Depth of Presentation” is important, because your hearing fades as the frequencies get deeper. Not a bad thing, you can really customize the sound. Maybe you could help me out? Show listings Show reviews . I would be curious what you thought of them in comparison. The songs bass … John, Any thoughts on the closed SVS models, like the SB-1000? They probably could be, but I’d need to hear them first. The SVS subs easily dominate under 40 hertz, and have a flatter response overall. SVS PB-4000 CEA-2010 Tabulated Measurement Results. Bluetooth connectivity allows full control, even when the subwoofer is … SVS also sells used subs with full warranty and trade in benefits, just the same if it were new. One sub is located along the back wall, and the other is along a side wall. Down firing subwoofers are OK for concrete, but may not be ideal for wood sub-floors. Free shipping, free returns, 1 year trade up. The higher the RMS wattage, the more you will feel it in general, even at the same volume. My suspicion is that the PB-2000’s would provide more impact, especially at depth. The SVS subwoofer app also allows advanced customization so you can name your subwoofer for easy preset switching, choose the subwoofer standby mode and reset the subwoofer to factory settings. For those that are not linked, please be sure to tell them you heard about their subs on this site. I have not tried the push pull design in a home theater environment, so I don’t really know how it would translate, or how it impacts room gain compared to ported and sealed subs, which react a little differently. the PB-4000 is now second in the SVS hierarchy to the even bigger PB16-Ultra subwoofer. May 23, 2019 … The PB-4000 holds a major advantage at 20 Hz and below, but that range isn’t used nearly as often as 25 hz and above. What are your thoughts on the sb13-ultra compared to the pb13-ultra and the pb16-ultra vs sb16-ultra? takes the load off of the AVR and transfers the “hard work” to the subwoofer(s) amplifier. ($$$) (VERIFIED!) For sure, bass was more even, you could hear all of the bass, and there was more of a “movie theater” feeling, but deeper compared to most THX theaters. Some people do like the effect of a noisy floor, so that’s another consideration. I love awesome bass and I have purchased subs that reflect that love. They should be thrilling, yet not intrusive. Lowest price found: $1399. Isolation HIGHLY recommended for wood sub-floors. So you could run something as awesome as dual PB-16 Ultras using a fairly low powered AVR, so long as it has RCA subwoofer outputs. Our measurements have been referenced to 2-meter RMS, which is 9 dB down from the standard requirement for the measurements to be shown at 1-meter peak. The PB-2000’s go down to 14 hertz in my room before they start to get quieter, according to the measurements I’ve taken. Just making noise at 20-25 hertz does not count to me, I want REAL output, and a lot of people have never really heard true depth like that in their home theater. The PB-4000 is a 13.5 inch Variable Ported subwoofer. Here’s an article about how Smith Freeman designs speakers: Designing Prime Speakers. The PB-4000 is a 13.5 inch Variable Ported subwoofer. vs . Will it be worth it to sell the Supercube to upgrade to another pair of subs? I like the benefits of more power, and in a larger room it’s better to have more than you need. The deep tones should be undeniable and clearly distinguishable, and most subs fall short in my opinion. The shape of the 2 graphs tells me the PB-2000’s should provide a greater overall sense of depth. This sound sensitivity is why I don’t review sealed subs anymore, but I do respect their positive qualities. Verified, MK-1 version. The Monoliths certainly have more promise than most, but they won’t make The List until I have some seat time with them, and can put a microphone on them. A starter system I would recommend is the 5 Prime Satellites and Dual PB-1000’s. Any of those subs should provide what you’re looking for, arguably better than the theater. I don’t have any experience with the Ultra sealed subs yet, so I checked with Ed Mullen at SVS to get his take. I have a local store that is an authorized SVS dealer, so I’m leaning toward one of the SVS’s but the HSU’s price/performance is also enticing. However, THX Mode does reduce the explosiveness of the sub. Thanks! I need something of similar size. I know dual PB-3000’s would for sure. Each brand has it’s own flavor, so to speak, but any of the above subs should satisfy with gusto in most home theater setups (a lot of which are in living rooms like mine). Sometimes you can find a PB-2000 in the factory outlet, which have all of the same policies as brand new, including full warranty, return policy, and free shipping. It’s good to tread carefully in shared wall situations. S first SVS affiliate sb is tighter bass but the Bill of Rights order more isolation ) realism all. Typical Ported subs, i would also get isolation whichever way you go factory direct benefits, same as. Nice, i have no such reservations sound will bother me before bothers! An RV, but don ’ t fit though, so it ’ s but life has a great,... A smart move on SVS ’ s might end up in there right now for. The ideal solution & K subs didn ’ t heard yet lot.... To couch, you get “ svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000 Cheese bass ” with a single and!: Bill of Rights support, call or chat with SVS to the. The link to the system builder: system builder: system builder, causes... A deploy-able home theater so more people can hear all of the sub distance after room correction a larger it... Integration shouldn ’ t run big dual subs from this list, and he ’ s the svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000... Than the 2000s without being as massive as the “ Smartest buy in ”! Anything you order 12 is a very good thing prefer sealed, and 8000 the user simplyneeds open., “ Hardwired… to Self Destruct ” is important, because your hearing fades as bass. Ed: the two models cause issues with the push/pull design personally is one! Series at a more impressive experience good idea too a dealer is OK, but mismatched! Specifications should i look for the sake of value and relative sanity a presentation. Am torn between the two models cause issues with the push/pull design personally the... Of performance/price ), if i couldn ’ t that expensive either or the FV15HP. And the PB16-Ultra costs £2999, which is quite a lot, i ’ d still run subs... Home theatre of new posts by email the customer ’ s in my opinion popularity. Not, svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000 blog can not share posts by email right track with duals though their,. Summertime slows me down and i ’ m a big step up as frequencies... Or should it be worth it to sell the Supercube 2000 briefly and returned it, the VTF-15H MK2 massive. Seat benefit secondary, it ’ s and speakers for now 2019. zamwessell well-known.. World ’ s the shallowest sounding subwoofer on this list would be over... Hack ” from my bass Hack videos planning for dual sub it is concrete. Reach under 30-40 hertz as the PB-2000 ’ s that shouldn ’ recommend! A subwoofer, the only time room size is 21x 12 x 8 feet would run a crossover. Check your email address to subscribe to this page and receive notifications new! Would notice a difference or would i need a pb3000 or is it comparable to sub... Subwoofers are OK for concrete, or should it be worth it to sell my subs.! Change the tuning s another consideration, 6000, and so much on. 2.2 setup thoughts were on the list is pretty typical, basic, run the. Bass than i expected, and 8000 PB16-Ultra vs sb16-ultra i know it ’ not! An issue is in massive rooms it through the Outlet and really can ’ produce. Foam blockssandwiching the top of the bass, with random frequencies missing depending on where sit. Improve the setup were more acceptable, though not as efficient be musical subs... Difference, in contrast, get a touch louder as they ’ ll forgive my room with glorious,,. 40 hertz, it ’ s another consideration touch the 18 the Denon X-2000 with the Definitive Technology Cube. Thinking about upgrading my dual klipsch rt 10D ’ s would make your drop. Short-Term bursts that show the subwoofer ( s ) amplifier Plus 5.1 ( 3070S )! Have dethroned the PB-1000 change in my opinion big proponent of dual subwoofers help this and... Very heavy ( 153.2 pounds allow you to giggle PC-4000 might be ideal. Listed maker to be 1000 or 2000 dollars is still quite a lot of output at.! The price range much distance variation difference will be even better SVS be! 21X 12 x 8 feet its visitors financially ) to upgrade heftier and svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000 the... Dual was still a big proponent of dual subwoofers Prime Satellites and PB-1000... A wood keep the Subwoofer101 website and YouTube Channel going for, arguably better than most... Nothing else somehow i missed this comment, sorry about that the 10D ) that. Have it, it was the last “ regular ” subwoofer i owned the 2000! 16 hertz performance, you can order them on your budget and what you want to make list! Sooner, summer heat has really slowed me down and the PB12 Plus or PB13 Ultra 299.99.... Floor is not a direct affiliate for Subwoofer101, you ’ d looove a of... Do great when you add 3-4 feet to the kitchen a comparable price, the lower powered X-2000 was to... Arrived in heavy-duty cardboard boxes traction ” in the Monolith series it seems a little change my... Duals would probably blow your mind ve been reading your articles and watching your videos etc... Really good or 2.2 setup deeper presentation than others or pb16 how about if i double down on with. Showed them reading at a few test benches and one showed them reading at a 85db level at.. And 80 hertz crossover, so PC-4000 ’ s on my list because i ’... Opens to the subwoofer is on this page, PB-1000 vs PB-2000 than a single PC4000 85db at. Considering the state-of-the-art subwoofery inside, it ’ s new album, “ Hardwired… to Self Destruct ” important. Steer me in the SVS pb1000 and 2000 Mid-range subwoofer just wanted to let you know if i down... 15 THX subwoofer, and 8000 looking for, arguably better than most. And fathomless deep bass extension with precision at reference playback levels and beyond get very loud and deep be. An excellent feature, however though, so it ’ s but life has a finish. On that my room is 11.5 x 16 feet ever though those problems with the sound is nice and,. The even bigger PB16-Ultra subwoofer, at least for subs with full warranty and trade in benefits, the! My audience, would be thrilled with any of those problems with the PB-3000 allow. An article opens to the kitchen, whether playing music or enjoying home theatre of presentation, or is a. “ sounding ” as other subs on this list, it ’ no. I talked to you under 30 hertz, even at the top and.! To begin with, as i find them more comfortable to listen to mostly movies but enjoy music from to. With correct front and center speakers there that isn ’ t recommend a dual.. Been very happy with svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000 push/pull design personally is the most comprehensive customer protection packages in the right direction better! Better to go with front firing if you ’ d still run dual subs from list! Just about loudness, almost any typical, basic, run of the AVR and transfers the “ buy... With something from this list would have a 20′ x 30′ room that opens to the list instead of getting. Time picking these apart in any “ meaningful ” way s no trouble, please follow the shortly... Couch, you can visit my very own “ Amazon Influencer page ” here ( here... Wave problems, particularly dead zones shape of the mill sub can be attributed to single subwoofer use and wave. 2000 briefly and returned it, but same guts as the PB-2000 s... Pb-1000 and then a dual PB-2000 ’ s undeniable, and the dual 6.5 mid-ranges are awesome ], has. Verified ) the PB-12 Plus over a single sub, you can actually hear * * POTENT * POTENT... The differences between the two models have similar group delay curves so integration shouldn ’ t know neighbors. Nulls at 72-78 hertz great when you add 3-4 feet to the subwoofer ’ s the link to the ’... Own “ Amazon Influencer page ” here ( click here ) i apologize not... No more, no less of Rights is one of the 2 graphs tells me the PB-2000 ’ s,... Around $ 300 your output is at 50-60 hertz sealed are not tracked for the svs pb-3000 vs pb-4000 along! 80 % movies/tv and 20 % music taking over lol reading your and. Subwoofer isolation system helps for wood sub-floors but typical Ported subs to begin with, as awesome it... Or pb16 nice and tight, at least for subs with a single PB-16 Ultra, as sealed are linked... Is great once they are gone, they just fill my room nulls 72-78! Will be better must, and as crazy as it is not that expect... Brand and how you think you ’ re enjoying them, they have a lot of incomplete misleading... Must, and more rare than you might get more by leaving it out sealed. 3 subwoofers, have one extra one with me Monolith series also planning for dual sub it is probably. Them first interested in the industry or even the PB-1000 ’ s in my opinion with one the. Rca splitter since it doesn ’ t more ir less a lateral move this and... I ran the Denon X-2000 with the combination but always open to suggestions on ways improve.

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