The Valorgod makes makes a final call to the skies as the comet aura becomes a bright flare. The gif is a placeholder until I make it's design also this creature will be a Sonic X Monster Hunter OC. User Info: Ner0nitas. Valstrax. Wound Elderfrost's legs, Boltreaver's head, Soulseer's claws, Hellblade's tail, and Valorgod's wings. When there are none that it sees threats, the Valorgod Valstrax is a peaceful dragon, either resting at the highest mountain peaks or flying across the skies of the world as a blue comet. The design the wings have are five blades, with several vents across it which get smaller the closer to the wing base they are. Upon the final hit being done to the Valorgod Valstrax it stammers midair and climbs up high with still flaring jets. Only a second in time does the hunter see that there is a figure inside those flames and gasps, immediately diving just before the flames come out of the moons sight and dash right across the tower. A Valorgod Valstrax at ultimate strength possible has appeared at the Towers Summit, and at night it will awaken. Ses ailes sont aussi dotées de bords tranchants comme des épées, infligeant de lourds dégâts. So yes. In this state, its chest can now allow it to expel inflicted statuses such as Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep out of it before they can cause too much harm. Silver Winged Scarlet Star Valfalk - 銀翼の凶星 バルファルク, Selection Of Fate Extended (Dragon's Dogma). NabiscoFelt One Winged Slayer. Is the name for the new spider from the Capcom leak? Tho... monsterhunter; valstrax; valstrax-squadron +1 more # 9. The electric conductor energies now move across its body, allowing higher build up of thunder and magnetic powers. As its Black Flame surrounds it, it creates the comet aura it usually has when flying at high speeds. If that fails, then it will proceed to fight them for real, using any power it has necessary. The amazement ends swiftly as it flies over again and fires the very comet looking aura on it at the areas center, nearly blowing the hunter off it. ToastedSal posted... Valstrax is leagues better than Nergigante as the main elder of the … To make that happen, he decided to use some old concept ideas for Valstrax and add them to Valorgod while still giving it it's own unique ablities and mechanics. Pokemon Y/OR Friend Code: 4270 - 1244 - 7050 IGNs: Y - Nathaniel; OR - Natalie. Valstrax X Armor バルクXシリーズ General Information: Type: Blademaster Gender: Male / Female Rarity : Rare 9 Total Slots: 6 Total Defenses: Initial Defense: 670 Maximum Defense: 860 Fire Resistance-10 Water Resistance-10 Thunder Resistance-10 Ice Resistance-10 Dragon Resistance: 15 Armor Skills: English: Attack Up (M), Dragonheart, Endurance Runner, Resuscitate Japanese… Last Edited: 1 Sep 2018 6:49 pm. As seconds pass by, two glowing eyes pierce through the smoke and dust and the Valorgod Barufaruku is finally revealed in full., Fully wound Shinewing Silver Rathaloses wings and head., Description du jeu Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. En Rang G, il effectuera une attaque circulaire avec celles-ci, particulièrement redoutable, d'une portée similaire à l'attaque caudale circulaire du Glavenus. Discover stories you'll love, only on Tapas! Back in the day Japanese girls’ names would be ordinary Japanese words like peach (Momo), snow (Yuki), apricot (Anzu) … Even in those times a few special people knew that those red comets were actually dragons known as the Valstrax, but since they only had their own eye witnesses to them these people were often ignored, told that it is complete nonsense for a monster to be able to fly that fast. The Valorgod slowly descends, then out of nowhere fly downwards as some of the aura is absorbed into its body and it comes flying down at high speeds. It, like Bloodbath Diablos, can only be fought in G Rank. Il est aussi capable de défendre farouchement son territoire contre d’éventuels chasseurs. A large dune covers the tower, though its remains have still been accessed by researchers." Name: Wasteland Citadel Japanese Name: 荒れ地の城塞 "This area was once an outpost placed into a desert by an ancient civilization many years ago. Then, as the flames die, so does the Valorgod as it collapses to the ground, now without its glow or energy. 16 Hazards: TBA … As it gets a clear look of the hunter, it shakes its head and does its iconic roar to echo through the heavens. He quickly saw it wasn't actually one. Statut(s) Habitat(s) TeraDax One Winged Slayer. Valstrax are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.Valstrax, also known as the "Tenkoryu" because of its appearance like a comet that can fly in the sky, descends from the sky at high speed, and while wearing "Ryuki", the moment when it is about to attack is three-dimensionalized.Faithfully reproduce the huge wings that have undergone a unique … Dragon Autres noms 16 1 A rendition of Valstrax armor for female Hunters. On peut noter que le Valstrax peut changer l'orientation de ses ailes à tout moment et utilisera des combos combinant certaines attaques des deux modes. Only elite hunters with special permission from then on were to be granted clearance to hunt it. Once it enrages, its scales all over its body tint a faint light blue with its dragon energy flowing, flames begins burning from its wing vents, more parts become blue tinted and its eyes become a piercing blue glow. Dragon ancien planant dans le ciel lointain au-dessus de la terre des hommes. All of its parts are more developed, with a more sharper beak, larger claws, a edgy tail and most of all, its wings. Le Valstrax est l'un des deux monstres porte-bannière de Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, l'autre étant le. They began firing at it, but they had absolutely no effect, as if the shots disintegrated before they even touched the monster itself. Be aware of them both, as focusing too much on one will result in the other taking its chance to attack you from behind. They say that "It destroys the King Of The Skies with a simple flyby, melts the Steel Dragon with its element powers, sends the Storm Dragon plummeting to the earth with a direct dive strike, and out-speeds the quickness and lightning of the Shantien. The beak begins to emit a fluid that reduces resistance to dragon element. dancnbna 1 year ago #2. In return however the Valstrax became much more fuelled with the Dragon element in order to sustain itself in such conditions. In addition to that, since the "god" was in its title name, Chaoarren decided make it beyond Bloodbath's level of danger and gave it two rage modes along with major increasing in difficulty and ablities for both. Fléau-Dragon Quand il est enragé, la plupart des attaques du Valstrax infligeront le, Les griffes avant, le dos, le torse, la tête et les ailes peuvent être brisés. Its Glideby Gunnery was inspired by machine gun weaponry on planes, which was given to it for the purpose of adding more variety to its aerial attacks. Show More. 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Quand elles sont orientées vers l'avant, il peut charger de manière très rapide, donner des "coups de poing" (qui ont une longue portée de base qui s'allonge encore plus quand il est en rage), et de temps en temps, une attaque unique où il s'envolera vers les cieux, volant autour pour se positionner derrière le chasseur avant de s'écraser dessus. Those ones managed to predict where it was headed and brought with them a travelling ballista in hopes to simply just shoot it out of the sky. No one knows quite how it got this way, but some experts believe it is the result of these Valstrax pushing themselves too much. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Chaoarren wanted to make Valorgod a truly special and unique Deviant. Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community around the world. Both a Valorgod Valstrax and normal Valstrax have been spotted at the Heaven's Mount and must be slain. Liste des monstres de Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, Monstres présents dans la série Monster Hunter, Encyclopédie des Monstres : Dragons anciens. It was like the monster he had heard created the red comets but has several differences, the most notable he remembers is its pure blue eyes that gazed on him. Make good use of the weaponry at the areas to bring them down. Interested, the hunter keeps looking at it, which seems to be getting gradually brighter. Its head has a small crest and its eyes are blue. Halley. Valorgod Valstrax was created to be on time for Monster Hunter Double Crosses (the Japanese version of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate) release on March 18th 2017. Valstrax Noms There are two different mount animations for Valorgod Valstrax. Once enough damage has been done to it, Valorgod Valstrax will enter its true rage mode, the Valorous Judgement Mode. If you enjoyed the video, leave a like and subscribe for more! When it enters its second true rage mode its scales are tinted deeper in blue, the flames merge both fire and dragon, becoming Black Flame. On le surnomme "comète d'argent" en raison de la trainée incandescente qu'il laisse dans le ciel. It's feet feature large hooked talons, and it's face has a hooked beak. Valorgod Valstrax are Deviants of Valstrax. Dec 16, 2020 #728 I want lots of "easy" early Monsters! 1 Physiology 2 Abilities 3 Habitat 4 Etymology 5 Game Appearances 5.1 Main Series 5.2 Spin-offs 6 In-Game Description 7 Gallery 8 Notes Valstrax is a slender Elder Dragon covered in gleaming silver scales. Espèce He/she accidentally takes a look and sees just how high up he/she is in the sky, but it isn't his/her concern in mind. Then, it was discovered that a precious little had seen another type of comet, and only one in history had seen its true form. A rendition of Valstrax armor for female Hunters. Monstre(s) lié(s) He is confirmed that is an antagonist and later antihero and protagonist for Belinda and Sandro against Crom Cruach. Its back is lined with fin-like projections. Inversement, quand elles sont positionnées vers l'arrière, le Valstrax utilisera des plaquages, des tirs chargés et des missiles longue portée. Great story! The Valorgod's scales are a lighter white than the standard species, and most notably, all of its dragon element flames are now blue instead of red. The Burned Valstrax appears as a brownish color with tints of red. Or it just sounded cool. Japanese names with these suffixes used to be incredibly popular among Japanese women’s names especially before the 1980s. There was also a Valstrax concept that has it just use its blades far more efficiently rather than flight. 0. So far the hunter has had no luck in finding any clues to where it is and just keeps looking around. The latter half of Valstrax's name may have some reference to the strix owls where they fed on things such and blood and were overall bad omens. Each sighting was a special one, as it would have been in those days as man or wyvernian had the means to climb the great mountains of the world. Si le torse du Valstrax est brisé pendant qu'il est en l'air, il tombera et laissera un shiny à terre. Taille du monstre Perhaps they got their name from Val + Strix ( and just altered it to sound closer to the japanese barufaruku/get farther away from a … There is a reason why Female Valstrax cannot become Valorgod's, they don't have the unique sexual diplormism genes to develop into them, which is related to the X and Y chromosomes in males. But yes, Valstrax is a fun fight. A male Valstrax that was literally born in the sky, carried by its parent. The Blue Comet: Area 9 Ruined Ridge (Night): Valorgod G1. Train against them before facing "true" threats. However sadly there were some who feared that this thing meant nothing but disaster for them and took up arms against it. But this valor was a double edged sword, while it was seen as amazing, if they saw them as a target, then it became their worst nightmare as most airships are not capable of escaping in time. Its wings have developed in such a way that it can shoot more projectiles and fire them faster, like to the speed of a machine gun in a way. Valstrax are Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. You must take ultimate preparations and care if you are to accept this quest hunter, or you may not survive this gauntlet of monsters. This Quest is for hunters with Special Permits. 651 10 24. Monster Hunter Fanon is a FANDOM Games Community. Its chest has three horizontal gaps that are used to take in and pressurize air like a jet engi… Meaning Valstrax is literally translated to "Sudden Slaughter" or "Instant Carnage". From Monster Hunter … There was one, but it was a USJ quest, and the USJ quests are all MHXX only. Valstrax Note: Valorgod Barufaruku begins and stays in Valorous Judgement Mode for the entire hunt. Si le Valstrax est observé sous cette forme lors d'une quête, des. Valstrax appeared in the 2017 video game called Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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