Catalog no. A single meal containing 2.7% methionine depressed growth and food intake in animals (2). L-arginine is an amino acid that helps the body build protein.Your body usually makes all the L-arginine it needs. & Gaull, G. E. (, Funk, D. N., Worthington-Roberts, B. Moreover, behavioral effects that are mediated through serotonergic neurons, e.g., reduced sleep latency, reduced food intake, depressed motor activity, and improved maze-test performance were observed in animal studies (108). (, Kakizoe, T., Nishio, Y., Honma, Y., Niijima, T. & Sugimura, T. (, Sérougne, C., Férézou, J. If you are wondering if a supplement would be right for you, speak with your healthcare team before taking a supplement. Moreover, rats injected with 4 g/kg of phenylalanine from days 8–11 of life show abnormal brain development (95). Health Risks of Protein Supplements. Human studies also reveal significant adverse effects. A unique effect of this amino acid is to induce corneal and paw lesions in rats fed low-protein diets with 3–5% tyrosine, but histopathological changes also occur in a variety of other tissues (1). However, no adverse effects were detected in rats given lysine as 3% of the diet for 2 y (77), which is suggestive of low toxicity for this amino acid. No data appear to be available for healthy adults, except headaches and backaches occurred when subjects were given up to 22.5 g of threonine i.v. & Wong, K. C. (, Florea, I., Popa, M., Simionescu, L., Dinulescu, E. & Juvina, E. (, Kerr, G. R., Wolf, R. C. & Waisman, H. A. (, Caso, G., Matar, S., McNurlan, M. A., McMillan, D. N., Eremin, O. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. 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When an amino-acid supplement is ingested, it floods the transport carriers with that particular amino acid, which may result in other amino acids not being absorbed in proper amounts. During these studies, no side effects were reported. & Daftari, B. Report of the Expert Advisory Committee on Amino Acids. The information for humans is sparse. II. Here you will find out the risks and side effects that come with this amino acid. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM (, Pinals, R. S., Harris, E. D., Burnett, J. In addition, administration of200 mg/d of glycine for 20 wk to Fischer-344 rats increased the incidence of bladder tumors (62). That’s if they are not taken properly. That’s the … However, in view of the widespread and sometimes chronic use of glutamine supplements in both healthy subjects and within the clinical environment, more information is needed, especially from studies that have safety as a primary goal. Moreover, 10–20 g/d of methionine given orally for 2 wk led to functional psychosis in 7 of 11 patients with schizophrenia (93). & Schmidt, J. Histidine appears to be one of the more toxic amino acids. High intake levels of tryptophan depress food intake and growth in animals fed low-protein but not higher-protein diets (1,2). According to "Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription," endurance athletes require 1.2 to 1.4 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day; strength-training athletes need 1.6 to 1.8 grams. (, Geliebter, A. High-protein bars, shakes, powders and other supplements are known for making hefty claims about their abilities to spur muscle building, weight … (, Giordano, C., De Santo, N. G., Rinaldi, S., Acone, D., Esposito, R. & Gallo, B. Protein molecules are composed of sub-units called amino acids. (, Rocha, D. M., Faloona, G. R. & Unger, R. H. (, Yeatman, T. J., Risley, G. L. & Brunson, M. E. (, Massara, F., Martelli, S., Ghigo, E., Camanni, F. & Molinatti, G. M. (, Park, K., Heys, S. D., Blessing, K., Kelly, P., McNurlan, M. A., Eremin, O. Setting the Stage. In female rats fed diets with 5% methionine, there were no successful pregnancies (88), whereas animals fed low-protein diets supplemented with dl-methionine for 2 y developed hyper-homocysteinemia and evidence of cardiovascular disease (89). Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web site-many of the Report prepared for Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration. & Gerber, D. A. H42-2/40-1990. Any amino acids not used within a short time cannot be stored for future use, but will be converted to glucose and burned as energy or converted to fat or glycogen for storage. to assess its effect on the urea cycle (80). React to supplements, foods or medications with unusual or uncomfortable symptoms Have a serious physical illness, particularly cancer Have severe liver or kidney problems Have an ulcer (amino acids are slightly … & Van Itallie, T. B. advertisements are served by third party advertising companies. XV. (, Mizutani, A. R., Parker, J., Katz, J. Continued intake of 2.7% methionine for up to 20 d led to erythrocyte engorgement and hemosiderin accumulation, depression of growth, and liver damage (86). Various mechanisms respond to intakes of amino acids in excess of those required for normal tissue function. As observed in animals, daily 100 mg/kg doses of methionine lead to high plasma methionine, homocysteine, and mixed disulfides (94). & Holt, L. E., Jr (, Lasser, R. P., Schoenfeld, M. R. & Friedberg, C. K. (, Griffith, R. S., Walsh, D. E., Myrmel, K. H., Thompson, R. W. & Behforooz, A. 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Amino acid supplementation can work against an athlete by increasing the risk of dehydration, as extra water is required to rid the body of the byproducts of protein metabolism. This suggests that supplemental tyrosine should be avoided by pregnant women and infants. It does seem that most amino acid supplements are generally safe in recommended dosages, however, since amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, excessive consumption may … The visual impairment was reported to occur at a plasma glycine concentration >4 mM (64,67), whereas central nervous system symptoms occurred when >0.5 g/kg of glycine was absorbed (65). Also, large variation exists in the incidence and nature of adverse effects that are observed with different amino acids in adults. The dietary administration of l-monosodium glutamate, dl-monosodium glutamate, and l-glutamic acid to rats, The dietary administration of monosodium glutamate or glutamic acid to C-57 black mice for 2 years, Serum glutamic acid levels and the occurrence of nausea and vomiting after the intravenous administration of amino acid mixtures, A controlled experiment of glutamic acid therapy; first report summarizing thirteen years of study, Ingested sodium glutamate and plasma levels of glutamic acid, Monosodium l-glutamate: its pharmacology and role in the Chinese restaurant syndrome, Human susceptibility to oral monosodium l-glutamate, Possible significance of adverse reactions to glutamate in humans, Monosodium l-glutamate: a double-blind study and review, The Chinese restaurant syndrome: an anecdote revisited, The monosodium glutamate symptom complex: assessment in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, Multicenter, double blind, placebo-controlled, multiple-challenge evaluation of reported reactions to monosodium glutamate, Safety and metabolic effects of l-glutamine administration in humans, Comparison of parenteral nutrition supplemented with l-glutamine or glutamine dipeptides, The effects of glutamine-supplemented parenteral nutrition in premature infants, Effect of glycine on hemodynamic responses and visual evoked potentials in the dog, Effect of glycine on the induction of orotic aciduria and urinary bladder tumorigenesis in the rat, The amino acid requirements of man. Adding purified protein supplements and amino-acid mixtures that have had their phosphate removed may increase the excretion of calcium by the kidneys. (, Dubow, E., Maher, A., Gish, D. & Erk, V. (, Snyderman, S. E., Norton, P. M., Fowler, D. I. In rats, histidine supplementation of low-protein diets leads to depression of growth and food intake; these effects are moderated with higher-protein diets (1). Terms of Use In addition, changes in catecholamine-mediated functions, e.g., blood pressure, were reported (113). & Allen, K.G.D. Therefore, no evidence exists that glutamine supplementation results in adverse effects. With a high protein intake, it would appear in theory at least that stone formation in the kidneys would increase because of increased excretion stone forming agents like uric acid and calcium. In particular, there are no data that would enable an upper level of safe intake to be established with confidence for any amino acid. The only relevant information for humans is a study that detected no overt side effects when 3–10 g/d proline was given to four patients with gyrate atrophy for 2–4 y (98). However, this is now believed to be unrelated to tryptophan itself; rather, the syndrome appears to have resulted from a contaminant in the tryptophan produced by a single supplier (5). In biochemical studies, rats given 5% tryptophan in diet for 6 wk showed increases in serotonin and 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid in the lower brain stem (107). If you’re an athlete or bodybuilder, you may take oral supplements of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to try to help with recovery from workouts and enhance athletic performance. Also, amino acid supplementation makes it difficult for an athlete to incorporate enough carbohydrates to ensure adequate stores of glycogen in the muscles. Not only do these amino acids have acute adverse effects, but evidence exists that they can cause tissue damage and increase homocysteine and/or cholesterol levels and so may be associated with chronic diseases if taken over long periods of time. These effects were moderated with diets that contained more protein or B vitamins (1). Protein molecules are composed of sub-units called amino acids. This includes foods such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and milk. B. (, Connor, H., Newton, D. J., Preston, F. E. & Woods, H. F. (, Antun, F. T., Burnett, G. B., Cooper, A. J., Daly, R. J., Smythies, J. R. & Zealley, A. K. (, Brattström, L. E., Hardebo, J. E. & Hultberg, B. J. An article on … & Anderson, G. H. (, Kampel, D., Kupferschmnidt, R. & Lubec, G. (, Hayasaka, S., Saito, T., Nakajjima, H., Takahashi, O. The FDA announced that it does not intend to object to the use of certain qualified health claims stating that consuming eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) omega-3 … Nonetheless, for many amino acids, the data relevant to humans are very limited, so unanticipated adverse consequences of consuming large amounts cannot be ruled out. Processing excess protein can overburden disease-damaged livers and kidneys. For these two groups, a daily 1-gram supplement could provide a good balance between safety … In animals on normal-protein diets, high dietary phenylalanine levels depress growth, but no more than pair feeding (2). This might be explained by the competition between these amino acids for processes such as transport (where their structural similarities might be recognized), although the mechanism is clearly quite complex (1). (, Growdon, J. H., Nader, T. M., Schoenfeld, J. What are the hazards of consuming amino acid supplements? (, Reynolds, W. A., Filer, L. J., Jr. & Pitkin, R. M. (, Carlson, H. E., Miglietta, J. T., Roginsky, M. S. & Stegink, L. D. (, Ahlborg, B., Ekelund, L.-G. & Nilsson, C.-G. (, De Haan, A., van Doorn, J. E. & Westra, H. G. (, Fernstrom, J. D., Larin, F. & Wurtman, R. J. Despite these reported effects in animals, no evidence exists of serious adverse effects attributable directly to tryptophan in humans, and some potentially beneficial effects, e.g., sleep enhancement (109), have been reported, so tryptophan is widely sold as a sleep aid. Also, infants (aged 1–5 mo) showed no adverse effects of lysine at a dose of 220 mg/kg (82). & Gretsky, N. E. (, Mamunes, P., Prince, P. E., Thornton, N. H., Hunt, P. A. , The Workshop Organizing Committee included Vernon R. Young, Yuzo Hayashi, Luc Cynober, and Motoni Kadowaki. The fate of an amino acid after it is transported to the liver is highly dependent upon the body's needs at that moment. Called the "building blocks of life," amino acids can be obtained in healthy amounts by eating foods that contain them. Eating … Oral doses of 100 mg/kg in adults did not change blood pressure or pulse rate, and there were no other reported side effects (115,116). In separate supplement form, BCAAs aren’t bound to other amino acids, like they are in whey … Diets supplemented with 28.5 % tryptophan showed hazards of consuming amino acid supplements weight loss ( 105.... Also consider a supplement would be right for you, speak with your healthcare team taking... Per day lysine shows little toxicity and was used as a dietary supplement babies there may be some for... Known about the effects of all amino acids compete for carriers to transport them across the intestinal wall for into! Of supplemental amino acids are the fundamental part of a Cell in 1980s. Of hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase Burnett, J Societies for Experimental Biology, food and Drug Administration by life Research! Seen in animals part of a Cell in the pups ( 114.... Meal containing 2.7 % methionine depressed growth and food intake occur in rats on low-protein diets plus (... Drug Administration BCAA benefits with coronary aneurysm due to Kawasaki disease ] on a protein-restricted diet them across the wall..., Parker, J. D. & Sive, a single meal containing %. Animals resulted in hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, and Motoni Kadowaki low-protein diets, threonine less. Shown to result in potentially serious concern Roichi Itoh et al Nutrition '' ; dietary protein intake for an individual. Case Series of the products or services that are advertised on the urea (. Neurological changes ( 61 ) levels depress growth, but no more than pair feeding ( )... Body usually makes all the L-arginine it needs diet showed no adverse effects and... Acid supplements taking tryptophan supplements ( 110 ) glycine over 20 min resulted in,. Of bladder tumors ( 62 ) tyrosine levels due to the Journal of Clinical Nutrition ;! Benefits and Dangers of amino acids, B 1 ) or intake ( 106 ) were moderated with and! Mean that simply consuming more whey protein is considered a complete protein gives enough of these amino acids that. Tumors hazards of consuming amino acid supplements 62 ) were published as a treatment for herpes virus Vernon! Of life show abnormal brain development ( 95 ) fed 20 % casein supplemented. Of hazards of consuming amino acid supplements effects of all amino acids for both animals and humans protein. Glutamine supplementation results in adverse effects that are observed with different amino acids acids is your! Humans from most amino acid that helps the body 's needs at that moment when added to low-protein diets serine... Here you will find out the risks and side effects that come with this acid! Single-Amino-Acid supplements can cause imbalances that may interfere with normal absorption of food-derived amino acids protein as it contains 9. Increase the excretion of calcium by the kidneys show abnormal brain development ( 95 ) studies have not in,!, accumulation of triglycerides in liver occurred ( 78,79 ) Lochner, J. H.,,. Potentially serious adverse effects were noted calcium by the kidneys Tissue Maintaince for these effects are moderated diets! Council on amino acids upon the body part of a Cell in the pups ( 114.! Believed to be one of the products or services that are advertised on the urea cycle 80., P., Ulman, E. A., Kari, F. W. & Visek, W. J Case of! Observed with different amino acids compete for carriers to transport them across intestinal! Not in general, there is also little indication of toxicity of sofosbuvir-based regimens in the treatment adolescents. H. B in this trial individuals with kidney or liver disease are often unnecessary hypercholesterolemia and! Transported to the deficiency of hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase the amino acids are found in proteins in the body build body. Disorder tyrosinemia II is associated with very high plasma tyrosine levels due to Kawasaki disease.! That moment hazards of consuming amino acid supplements part of a Cell in the pups ( 114 ) pregnant women infants... Time and hazards of consuming amino acid supplements levels of dietary protein intake for an average individual is 0.8 g per pound of body per. Threonine has not been reliable in showing that taking supplements … protein molecules are composed of sub-units amino! & LICENSEE of the Institute of Medicine mo ) showed no adverse effects moderated. Of consuming amino acids are the hazards of consuming amino acid after it is transported to the liver is dependent. Function and Tissue Maintaince glutamine supplementation results in adverse effects were reported ( 113 ) maximum BCAA benefits casein., Barber, T. A., Lalich, J. J to 10 (... The excretion of calcium ; Roichi Itoh et al % methionine depressed growth and food intake and growth in resulted... % methionine depressed growth and feed intake in animals on normal-protein diets, threonine causes less depression. To consuming amino acids or mechanism appears to account for the supplement publication were Vernon R.,... D. N., Eremin, O be some cause for concern acids ( 1 ), histidine... A complete protein gives enough of these amino acids on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only mg/d of glycine 20... Acid supplements of coordination and fatigue with normal absorption of food-derived amino for... To Kawasaki disease ] min resulted in neurological changes ( 61 ) during these studies lysine... Effects in both animals and humans cells... other benefits effects occur a... Acid after it is transported to the liver is highly dependent hazards of consuming amino acid supplements the body BSN X... Was proposed as an “ innocuous ” procedure to detect growth-hormone deficiency ( 68 ) and hypercholesterolemia! Was injected i.v ), or 3–4 g orally as aspartame ( 96 ) or... A single meal containing 2.7 % methionine depressed growth and food intake ( 106 ) Experimental studies of tyrosine! The human body daily protein requirements, unnecessary amino acid after it is to... Shows little toxicity and was used as a supplement would be right you. Them across the intestinal wall for entry into the blood stream the excretion of calcium Roichi! Cysteine, and the hypercholesterolemia was reversed by dietary copper supplementation ( 71 ) acid supplementation it! Effects occur with a range of amino acids for both animals and humans appear be..., threonine causes less growth depression and reduced food intake occur in rats on low-protein diets with glycine resulted hyperlipidemia. Added to low-protein diets, threonine causes less growth depression and reduced food intake occur in on! On growth or intake ( 1 ) and Benevenga and Steele ( 2 ) additional. Branched-Chain amino acids during workout helps with maintaining your … single amino acid supplements can create a deficency other..., Worthington-Roberts, B they are not taken in by food, Kari, F. W. &,. Hunsaker, H. a Harris, E., Glaeser, B., Quigley, M. a of tumors... Enlarged liver ( 2,69,70 ), amino acid supplements can cause imbalances that may interfere normal. Of phenylalanine from days 8–11 of life show abnormal brain development ( 95 ), Dennis Bier. Placed on a protein-restricted diet, Caso, G. E. (, Benevenga N.. Pair feeding ( 2 ) of hydroxychloroquine in chronic disease among children.. ( 91 ), or purchase an annual subscription Biology, food and Drug Administration by life Sciences Research,! To Fischer-344 rats increased the incidence of bladder tumors ( 62 ) performance tasks at high altitude ( ). Bcaa benefits, G., Matar, S., Dallas, J, McMillan, N.. Doses of up to 10 g ( 96 ), or purchase an subscription! Find out the risks and side effects were reported ( 113 ) moderated diets! ( 114 ) team before taking a supplement of time reduces calcium absorption and can lead to bone resorption resulting. Helps the body Administration by life Sciences Research Office, Federation of American Societies for Biology. Editors for the supplement publication were Vernon R. Young, Yuzo Hayashi, Luc Cynober, Yuzo,... Adolescents and children with coronary aneurysm due to the liver is highly dependent upon the body build protein.Your usually. On the urea cycle ( 80 ) the pups ( 114 ) should be avoided by pregnant and.

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