//]]>. It’s too bland and decidedly un-s’morevelous. Thanks so much for the kindness, Tracey! The best they get is a supporting role in the graham squares’ leading dairy performance, as the puffs’ meek cocoa flavor provides a little buttery sweetness in the endnotes. ... but I prefer to have some cereal with my sugar. I tried this cereal and loved it- ate the whole box and never used milk. Honey Maid® S’mores. Honey Maid S'mores Cereal. Average Rating: (4.8) stars out of 5 stars 48 ratings, based on 48 reviews. Cereal is most probably designed to free the real taste while eaten with milk and if the taste is good and accordingly: perfect. This is a breakfast cereal with the fun dial turned up to 11. Cereal Time Review of Post's Honey Maid Graham Cereal With Cinnamon. Pickup not available. Additional information. The chocolate balls are good but are the weakest element of the mix without too strong of a cocoa flavor. The odd “milk parts” of your review were just something i noticed recently and had to mention it. I decided to use this new cereal in a pancake batter! Not too sweet. Ingredients Better Oats Steel Cut Original Instant Oatmeal w/ Flaxseeds. $17.35. Post, Honey Maid, Breakfast Cereal, S'Mores Chocolatey Marshmallow Graham Cracker, 12.25 Oz 4.7 out of 5 stars 287. Nutter Butter. So, why am i asking? Honey Maid S'Mores Cereal at Walgreens. The pan of Honey Maid S’mores Bars was gone in one day. $11.31. 328g, 10 measuring pouches . UKs biggest selection of American & Global Breakfast Cereal, free delivery available. Not sold ... Post Honey Maid S’mores Cereal. By Honey Maid® S'mores 0.0 (0 reviews) Related Articles (43) Blue Bell's New Holiday Ice Cream is Here. This pancake recipe makes both kids and adults happy! Please keep up the great work – you keep all of us cereal fanatics me very well-informed and totally satisfied! LEARN MORE. I know at least one of those answers is a yes. The chocolate puffs have a heartier crunch than Cocoa Puffs, but none of the real chocolate flavor (just faint twinkles of milk cocoa powder). Honey Maid S'mores Cereal (Pack of 2) by Post. They have a gentle squish inside of their firm exterior and are sweet with a slight vanilla flavor. Brand. I absolutely love love love this cereal! S’mores spelled properly and it doesn’t look like the name for a tribe of trolls. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. ^^, Last but not least: 🙁 ) It’s time for all other cereal’s to feel like imitators too, because the big boy has come to play with Honey Maid S’mores Cereal. Of course, this makes the chocolate puffs the true losers here, as they never get the cereal spotlight, dry or milked. While the flavor is still good the pieces get soggy very quickly and lose their definitive crunch and salty shine. ! 7 Reviews. You’ve out done yourselves…..50 gold stars, In California it’s raining and when I ate the cereal today I felt like I am camping ⛺️ right now. Honey Maid® S’mores Cereal. The rest of us are better off waiting for Honey Maid to being back Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears. 98 ($3.52/lb) Qty: Add to cart. … Ingredients Post Cranberry Almond Crunch. 9%. Oh, it’s the BEST cereal EVER!!! picture 4. This item is gift eligible Learn more. To say it's overly sweet is an understatement.....it's nauseatingly sweet!!! (function(){var g=this,h=function(b,d){var a=b.split(". There is a new printable coupon to save $0.50 on one box of Post® OREO O’s®, HONEY MAID® S’mores or CHIPS AHOY!® cereal. Honey Maid S’mores Cereal showed up in the store and we threw it directly in our cart. Sugars. I have to wonder if Post’s recent tendency to “”””””improve”””””” their old cereals (I had to use so many quotes to emphasize that that was their word, not mine or the hundreds of people who are upset about new Honeycomb) is to blame for this s’less than memorable s’mores flavor. Enjoy the delicious taste of s’mores right in your cereal bowl with chocolatey goodness, sweet marshmallows, and the delicious taste of HONEY MAID® Graham Crackers. Guess Post was too busy “improving” that classic favorite to bother “improving” this one – at least for now! 6 cups Honey Maid S'Mores Cereal, plus extra for sprinkling on the top ; Instructions. ; i didn't read it in the review, if they do – never had them 😅)… LEARN MORE. Price. Never have s’mores indoors been so delicious! Using cereal for snack is always a great option for schools! Food Reviews; Honey Maid S'mores Cereal Review Prepare to Freak the F*ck Out Because This S'mores Cereal Is Beyond Perfect. So far, no good: aside from an oddly compelling smoked aftertaste, eating Honey Maid S’mores is isn’t as good as S’mores Jungle Party or the frankenstein’s cereal I could’ve assemble with the help of General Mills. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros Cereal [US Only] Rating: 7/10. … Serving Size 0.00(31g) Serving Per Container (0.75 cup cereal with 0.5 cup fat free milk) Amount Per Serving. I decided to use this new cereal … picture 5. GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS . It’s still a wonderful bowl of cereal, just make sure to be light handed when going for that pour; or simply smash it by the handful straight from the box with some milk on the side. Honestly, the flavor of the cereal is so amazing, you could probably toss just about anything into the mix and it would turn out great. I just got two boxes of Oreo O’s instead haha. 0.000g. Price. The kids loved them! Toss marshmallows with melted butter in a large, microwave-safe bowl. Tried it for the first time last night and I was in heaven. hahaha) into production! CDN$3.97. on $35+ orders. Close. I’ll definitely have to try another box of this stuff. 347g . Honey Maid S’mores Cereal are one of the best cereals on American cuper market Shelves, the mix of chocolate balls, graham cracker squares and crunchy cereal marshmallows make Honey Maid S’mores cereal unrivalled in taste. I even think some cereals make a good (or great) substitute for popcorn when it comes to movie nights, but meant to eaten dry… hm…🤔 Out of curiosity, I nosed around the Post website to compare the ingredient lists and nutrition facts on all three of these cereals and guess what – they were ALL exactly the SAME! Maybe it’s because they aren’t chocolate or filled with crème, but for whatever reason I was allowed to eat graham crackers way more often than normal cookies as a child, and for me they are the ultimate companion to milk. REVIEW: Post Honey Maid S’mores Cereal. Everyone was expecting something different since "Honey Maid" was involved, but coming up with a cereal that taste less like S'Mores and graham pieces that didn't even resemble the taste of Honey Maid Crackers (? (I had my share of the Honey Maid S’mores Bars too!) This cereal is an instant recipe for success, combining three already established bowl-ready flavors into one. //
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