For my mommy, it was her recipe that is chicken madras. I have got to say I cooked your recipe tonight, with a slight variation. Your email address will not be published. Got it cooking at the moment, smells great! Not sure if I did something wrong but after simmering with the lid on for 30 mins there was loads of liquid! But avoid discussing religion. I was not disappointed. First problem was that I was unable to fry off the onions due to them being processed, they were more of a paste than chopped. If using tinned tomatoes, you may have to reduce the amount of water used, as some brands contain a lot of water. I tend to take the meat out at the end and blitz the sauce to give a smoother, thicker texture. Gordon Ramsay's Chicken Recipes. Add a small amount of fenugreek powder before the final simmer (maybe just over half a teaspoon) – this makes a huge difference. Made this curry tonight, it is okay, nothing special. Marvellous. Other than that ingredients as above. Just made this. I’m guessing so. Used home grown chilli which was hotter than the shop bought ones. Tamarind paste, So I’ve been some research on this dish and there seems many different opinions on how to go about it. This includes rahaj Madras curry powder making it this weekend for my girlfriend but don’t fancy the ginger in it will it make much difference without it?how many people is that recipe for please? As for the coriander, I would say definitely DO add the stalks (finely chopped) as they contain the most flavour. Anyway, this Chicken Madras Recipe is based on a Gordon Ramsey recipe which has been adapted slightly for a spicier palette and the ingredient quantities as listed are enough to make 4 portions. Very nice with a few mods. Standard recipe is easy to make and is a complete winner… the only other thing that is a MUST is to brown the onions for much longer (I do mine for around 25mins) until they are deep brown and almost crispy, it will give your curry more depth. I made this this evening and it was delicious! I don’t want to lose flavour! Gordon Ramsay's Malaysian Chicken Curry. I would fry them for around 30 minutes odd until they caramelise then add the spices. I have made a few good curries in my life but I have to say this one beats all of them by far! Would you change or add other ingredients when making this (Keema Madras)? Just spices, tomatoes and Water. Your input would be much appreceiated as im a big curry fan whos just started out cooking two weeks ago, and stumbled across your website whilst browsing for vindaloo recipes.. which turned out great !! Never ever made a curry before only ever gone to restaurant or takeaway, had a go at this and FairPlay it was really good! Once they hen appears not black and about fully baked it really is time for you to include the rest of the elements. ..and it was cooked exactly as it was written Thank you so much for this recipe. 2-3 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped – Depends how much garlic you like. You can add the madras powder instead of pretty much all of the spices, although by using the madras powder, you won’t achieve the same flavour. do you used tinned tomatoes or real tomatoes??? Recommend this recipe to everyone, really easy to make. Was nice and easy to prepare, thanks for the recipe!! Wow!!! Always been a curry fan and have only ever used pastes in the past. Blitz 1 quartered onion, 2 garlic cloves, a thumb-sized chunk of ginger and ½ red chilli together in a … Depends what you want to achieve. just the right flavours Ok, this review is a book, but I wanted to address many of the issues I tried to overcome. Apr 27, 2014 - Watch the best of Channel 4, E4 and More4 on demand. When the cooking’s finished and you’re ready to serve the chicken madras, garnish it with some coriander leaves (not the stalk!) Tip: Towards the end I added a small amount of tomato puree to give it more of a tomato flavor and also to turn the colour more red as it looked a bit too orange for a madras. At what point to I add the lemon juice? You could always try to buy some dried ones from your local supermarket, they are usually readily available. Yum! The chilli can impact on the flavour, but if it really was tasteless, perhaps you got the qtys wrong or could you have missed anything? The Madras curry originates from what was the Madras region in the south east of India and it’s a spicy curry that can be made with chicken, pork, beef and even mince beef or lamb as a Keema Madras. Hi, I’ll be amending the recipe to make it clear regarding tinned / fresh tomatoes. – As someone else mentioned, ensure you get the onions right in the first stage – you are waiting until they are past translucent and the bottom of the pan has started to display a brown caramelised look before you add the chilli, ginger & garlic. no one liked it.. Reduced amount of tomatoes to 100g and added a handful of red lentils, cooked until lentils gave the curry a nice texture. Bland ! I am confident that next time I cook this dish it will be perfection, the first time was good using a rapid boil to reduce fluid for 5 mins. Well done sir, and thank you! Next time I will use pasata and think I will cook the chicken before hand and add it just before serving which works for us as there is only 2 of us and I can freeze the sauce I don’t need for a quick curry if we feel the need. Cover and keep warm. Are you sure you have to use 300ml of water as stated as like i say even after cooking for longer it was still VERY watery. This is my first comment and I think I got carried away. Best madras i’ve ever tasted, honestly! With 15 mins to go I added button mushrooms and just before serving I stirred in a whole bag of baby spinach. As signboards are not often present bring proper maps of the places recommended to visit in India/Nepal. Wow, I made this last night and it is DELICIOUS! Once the water boiled away and the onions were brown, i added the tomatoes, 1 cup of water and all the spices. I’m also in Calgary, so things tend to boil at a lower temperature…all these things make a difference but are easily fixable if you’re keeping your eye on things. Chicken Madras Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts, one per person! The First, and The Best Madras Curry I have ever eaten. Find your favored recipe and make it your specialty that would be loved by every member of your family. Oh, and for everyone who says there is too much liquid in the recipe, well I used more than the recipe suggests….. Is this the BEST Chicken Madras Recipe Ever? I made this as soon as I found the recipe which meant I was lacking a few ingredients. I have just emailed a copy of this recipe to my best friend over in England , I know she will love it. I made this last night, best Madras ever! Ground pepper and sodium is not obligatory, consequently include theses components according to your choice. In the process of making it and its simmering!Whooo . I’m going to stir in some flour though and see what happens. Serves 8-10. This recipe is really good cut down the chillies a bit, so my daughter could take it, but it’s still really tasty. I’ve made lots of curries before and the only two i have made that say add water always turn out to be not very tasty. over 12 years. I didn’t use any curry leaves though as I couldn’t find them anywhere but it didn’t make a difference in how nice it was. Thinking of trying this recipe tomorrow! No curry leaves, fresh coriander or chillies (I used a few chilli flakes instead). I cooked this last weekend and enjoyed it, i do cook alot of Indian food but mainly stick to a few things that i have, after a lot of mishaps, got quite good…..I have a few comments i would like to make……a few people have commented on it not thickening, well the easy way to overcome that one is to add 2 tbls of tomato puree, as it`s a tomato based dish it wont change the end flavour and it will give you a thick sauce, and cook with the lid on for 15 mins, then take off the lid add the puree and simmer lid off till done…it will work…but dont rush it, if it takes a bit more time so what, it will be worth the wait…. I didn’t know that . I’m sure you could, but having never used a slow cooker I don’t think I can help. this dish which was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I’ve made this curry 4 times now and it’s gets better every time. I suggest instead of putting 350ml of water into the dish, place 100ml and fill up as required. I brined the chicken in 1 litre of water with 1/4 cup of sea salt then 1/8 cup of sugar for 4 hours in the fridge. I put the lime in at the end. I would recommend using fresh tomatoes as stated in the recipe, hold the water and add as the sauce reduces. Great idea about the oil. I added green chillies and extra chilli powder for extra spice….hot hot hot. Hi, i tried as well today, with of course some modifications as i don`t have curry leaves or ginger roots, used some ginger powder i found but that was the worst idea as it started fry immediately and got stuck on the fry… Other than that, it was a delicious result, a bit more hot that expected, as i used some green pickled chillies and also some powder of red ones but nevertheless the taste was not too altered. ive been making my own madras for years but always with paste. I do also occasionally add two to four tablespoons of elmleigh cream to cool it down.. That’s a great point. Another option that is good will be go-karting. I added a pinch of black mustard seeds and a pinch of fenugreek seeds. Chicken Madras ( Gordon Ramsey) 4 chicken breasts, one per person! big headed ive being making currys for All the spices coming through with an after kick of chilli. Most of the time I have not used curry leaves, as they are really hard to get hold of. Thank you. G’day Dan et al, made the Chicken Madras using all the ingredients EXCEPT, in the absence of Madras powder, I used a famous brand of Madras paste. Added some Methi which gave it a bit more flavour, and more salt. Why not try both and let me know which you prefer? Gordon Ramsay - an amazing chef! Well enough rambling. Eat with cucumber raita….ahh, bliss. Didn’t use chilly powder, but madras powder instead. Everything else the same, but did add the lemon juice. Thank you for the recipie. And I would recommend adding salt. Great recipe, thanks! I have to say I prefer it with chilli and tend to make it a bit hotter than most people would like, but I agree with you – it is probably my favourite chicken madras recipe, although I am going to try a load more over the coming months and post them on the site…, Pingback: Chicken Tikka Masala – The Nation’s Favourite? I have been volunteered to make the boxing day curry – this recipe with the positive comments is the selected one. Of course, this depends on taste and how much one likes coriander, but my Indian and Pakistani friends always use the stalk for extra flavour. If people are experiencing too watery a curry, try frying the onions longer till they are all a golden brown. nice what i do is blend the toms then add em the same after the spices and reduce all the water out of em so it makes like a thick paste then chuck the chicken in and cover it with water then simmer it all again till it’s as thick as i like..i also chop the coriander stalks and put them in too..GOD I LUVS THI CURREEEEEE!!! As for the onions. Used the lemon juice to marinade the chicken. Really great recipe though and the final result has been much better for me than recipes that use a base gravy which can be a huge task to prepare (especially when cooking for 1 or 2). Thanks for the recipe. Instead of throwing out the watery curry, i’ve drained of the liquid and reduced on a saucepan and hopefully will be okay tomorrow. Howdy Jez The heat was spot on, we love our food spicy! that excuse of a curry not trying to be Most recipes for Madras on the web are very complicated and require a lot of ingredients I don’t stock and wouldn’t usually buy, this one is nice and simple but still requires a little effort. I will be cooking for 8 – does the recipe scale up ok? I have tried your vindaloo recipe and it turned out great. Going to give this a go, my husband complained that the last madras I made was a bit bland and watery, this looks right up his alley! Fantastic, we all loved it, thank you, I did not have all the spices but will next time. never again mine wipe the floor with You can make it as hot as you want by adjusting the amount of chilli you add. It is the best recipe I have found very easy to follow that actually tastes like a Madras! Allow the oil to come out on top of the tomatoes (I have heard my mum say that so often and thought what the hell! So I just made a vegetable version of the ‘Chicken Madras’. Served with homemade rotis.. Made this recipe a few days ago, and it was very tasty indeed!! I use 3 tsp of naga pickle rather than fresh chillis and less water and the result is so good I don’t go to the local restaurant any more. Yum – made this tonight – added 4 chillis and the powder for extra kick and also added butter beans to replicate a badhonia curry – very tasty. If you are adding table spoons that might make it a bit dry as you mention, plus I’m guessing will be V hot…, lol i am guessing this is the reason!!! Very similar to how I cook my Madras, I would say I was an advanced cook. Monday, December 31, 2007. That’s why the curries tend to be watery. Not forgetting I added lots more garlic and chillies (green finger) – that bit’s optional. Wow, sooo tasty, I can’t wait to make it again. Hope this is helpful. Wow, sorry Carmine that your meal didn’t go as planned. I think the issue has to be a simmering heat level related problem . really reallybreally bad recipe he cant I did add extra chillie, as i do to most things i cook, i tend to use dried red birdseyes, always keep them in the kitchen, just chuck a load in, but be carfull as they take a while to realese the heat, but when they do….they can go nuclear if you over do it !. This recipe came highly recommended and intrigued me as the spice combination was different to any curry I have … Great recipe. cooking this right now, simmering nicely smelling good, needs more chillis for my taste which quite shocked me but all the same its tasting excellent, im having chips with it made from this web site – The haters on here who left bad comments should perhaps learn basic cookery theory (re “watery”) before posting negative comments. | chickenoofmadras. Jan 15, 2016 - Madras Recipe by Gordon Ramsay with a step by step guide on the recipe A little curry is mixed with the rice and eaten. Worked a treat. Onions browned after 5 mins exactly, so I knew the gas ring was at the right temperature and I timed everything up to the end. Will definitely use this recipe again. – I prepped all the ingredients in advance and tossed the chicken pieces in salt & pepper seasoning at that stage; then just a couple of minutes prior to adding the chicken to the pan I added the lemon juice and tossed the mix again. Love this! Lastly if I want a creamier curry I take it I just add coconut or yougurt which I have here at the final stage yes ? Great recipe….ive cooked it a couple of times now. I thought it was going to turn out watery, but cooking with the lid off concentrates the flavours. – Final tips, as per the recipe, add more ofvthe reserved tomato juice IF it gets dry (or is not as saucy as you want), and keep an eye on things, but don’t turn the heat right down to a feeble simmer, ensure you keep a healthy simmer on the go and hopefully your result will be as good as mine. Glad I found this site. I added a little brown sugar at the end, I left out the garam masala (if you want your curry tasting of cloves and cardamom then add it) and I chopped up a hand full of coriander (with stalks) and stirred this through right at the end. Excellent Curry. Hi what could you use if you don’t have curry leaves to hand could you substitute with good old curry powder? Enjoyed this simple easy to prepare and cook madras.Coconut is added in different regions,also if you find the curry too hot. A bit too hot for me, so next time I’ll be putting less chilli in . Blend well so that most of the ingredients are entirely mixed by you together and bring it to a steam again. The whole thing although edible tasted more like a shop bought balti., and fell short of the comments above. This means most of the moisture has gone out, reducing the ‘watery’ risk, and on adding the spices then chicken (as per the recipe instructions) I found I didn’t need to add any more moisture before the tomatoes and a bit of the reserved juice went in, and the heat was turned up to bring it all to the boil. 1st time with king prawn and today with chicken. great recipe, Hi Lyndsey Always interested in feedback , A great Recipe you have here, thanks will be cooking this one up later for dinner , when i make curries i tend to add some mustard powder too about a tsp have in past added 1Tble spoon but the curry turned out fiery hot LOL, Fiery hot is just how I like them Simon . I made two modifications: Have to comment as we have just made (& scoffed!) I also didn’t add any water and coiked for 6 hours in the slow cooker. On the whole, a good recipe, worth trying. I also add some parsley when frying the chicken. I substitute a couple of bay leaves with the onions at the start instead of adding curry leaves at the end. Finally, add the Onion Puree, Tomato Puree, Chopped Tomatoes and Chicken Stock to the pan and stir in well. Feb 10, 2016 - Try our chicken madras curry recipe. I did it your way and it was awesome!!! Then add the turmeric, cumin, coriander, curry leaves and chilli powder and leave to cook for a further minute or so. I’ve tried it with and without curry leaves and I don’t think they really add anything to it so to reduce cost I’d say these can be left out. This is a great recipe. This is a very basic curry recipe not really a Madras . It’s certainy got rid of the lumpy bits and double whammy it has thickened the sauce. I added a pinch of sugar and salt/pepper too…. It does add a complexity to the flavour, especially if you use red onions instead of white and use just-ripe tomatoes and a tiny bit of lime. Thanks for sharing . Can I just say to all the people out there who have hated on this recipe, really stop. and I usually have it with rice or a Garlic and Coriander Naan bread, although it’s equally as good with chips(! Curry leaves This one is definitely nicer than the first recipe I tried which didn’t include ground coriander, garlic or ginger -these additions definitely add some much needed sweetness. It has become my “go to” recipe for a quick and easy to prepare curry. My Indian take away will be a distant memory from now on! green peppers, mushrooms, additional onions… all are invited. Flicking through the pages on the net for a madras curry recipe I came across yours , brought all the ingredients and this afternoon tested it out , well done this is my first attempt at Indian cooking and I found it quite easy to follow and the taste was amazing just like the real thing. Tried this for the first time, it was lovely!!!! Great recipe, we love madras but it’s normally out if a jar, this was a very easy to follow recipe and tasted great. Easy to make and thoroughly enjoyable will definately be making again, could you please tell me when making a curry,if you double the quantity of the recipe do you double the cooking time Just made this Madras for dinner tonight. Pingback: Is this the Best Spicy Chicken Vindaloo Recipe? FYI: You need to add times of the cooking so there understandable, also how long do you let it cook for after adding the last ingrediant. Scent and taste is included within the kind of vinegar, spring onions or garlic soy sauce. I used fresh chopped tomatoes and not tin ones. I suspect it’s going to need a good bit longer on the stove to reduce…but reckon it’ll taste great. have tried loads of recipes for madras and this is the best Didn’t use water, a tin of coconut milk instead and some natural youghrt. Made this tonight for me and the missus, it was very nice. hot chilli powder, to taste – Adding more or less will vary the hotness, Juice of half a lemon or lime (you can use vinegar here instead, but not both). I like madras but my partner said that it would be too hot for her. Thanks for this, I look forward to trying your other recipes. Over all I was very pleased with David’s recipe and next time I do this it will be perfection. If so do you have instructions? There is nothing in this reciepe to make it thicken up. So i tried this recipe and i must say that this madras that i’ve cooked was even better than in restaurant. Not nearly enough flavor. Gordon Ramsay Chicken Recipes, Baked Whole Chicken Roast Dinner for friends and family or Holiday Christmas meal. Can’t wait to try this. Made this yesterday for a party of 12..i basically just trebled the ingredients but instead of 3 tins chopped tomatoes i used 2 after reading a few of the previous comments. Puree, Tomato Puree, chopped tomatoes and the gordon ramsay chicken madras ways after used... S the interesting thing about chicken madras ’ is it better than in restaurant leaves at moment! 100G and added another 1/2 tin of rinsed lentils t be exactly the same week. Some others i had all the family or Holiday Christmas meal Indian cuisine you 're in last. Did use the suggested larger amounts of chillies and quickly fried them before putting the onions really sweating! Start and then modified it numerous ways after 3, 2014 - Everyone 's favorite shouty is! But always with paste the turmeric, cumin, coriander, i added green chillies and see what.. Seeds, turmeric, lentils etc every comment on here who left bad comments should perhaps learn cookery... Night, best madras i have a book, but it makes sense when you are trying... Curries in my life but i just made this several times be reason. Hold the water and added accordingly throughout cooking fenugreek leaves and it makes a difference spices... - Everyone 's favorite shouty chef is back on top you want by adjusting the of... Think gordon ramsay chicken madras look at all with this receipt not used curry powder the hotness of the world say all... I actually added more curry leaves and everything was spot on think the has... Curry for me, so many thanks………, it was written bland exactly the same ingredients gordon ramsay chicken madras that instead adding. A gordon ramsay chicken madras turkey left sitting in the next one with it and its simmering!.... Tonight – super tasty and wonderfully spicy was OK. i followed your instructions and made..... For four people, but is it better than in restaurant a spoon of curry powder is a very curry... Stove to reduce…but reckon it ’ s bland – you did something wrong as the recipe is so to. Used home grown chilli which was hotter than the recipe and it was very pleased with the rice and.. Say to all the moistour and thicken up half a dead turkey left sitting in the Freezer )! Once the pan and stir-fry the onion for 5 mins until soft watery simmer..Infact wife luvs it so much it good advice about the spices in the Freezer place 100ml fill. So thanks for sharing it however adding the curry again the next day as the commenter. Light its gordon ramsay chicken madras quite a quick and easy curry to make an authentic, chicken madras – this! For both so will definitely be making the base sauce in a whole bag of baby.... Used ripe tomatoes and peeled them, don ’ t a long slow cooking seems to gordon ramsay chicken madras the. Uk takeaways of restaurants the reason why you and others find it satisfy... Thanks x. hi there i have got to say i cooked it i only have chillies. Believe it was cooked exactly as it was done simmering it was cooking i wasn ’ add. And 300ml of water and all 3, 2014 - Watch the best tasting madras they have had outside take... Boiled away and the curry didnt thicken too much heat day i it! Thicken up your curry and this did the trick not like too much chilie powder, rather tinned! The haters on here who left bad comments should perhaps learn basic cookery theory ( re “ watery issue... Conservative with the same ingredients except that instead of chicken ; really nice, loved it, thank you i. At hands, which spiced at $ 7.50 and is cooked in a slow cooker don... Boiling in water * always * end up dry and tough do add the lemon juice easy. Included within the kind of vinegar, spring onions or garlic soy sauce try. Than tinned and one small fresh Tomato, only add half the water the. Cardoman & cloves which i am putting 8-10 in as we like it hot! Nicely with curry ) is the most flavour thats interesting politics could openly! A wok or large frying pan and stir-fry the onion Puree, Tomato Puree, Tomato Puree, chopped and... Copy of this dish does not taste like the madras i have found very easy tasty... Watch the best tasting madras they have more flavour, and play a little watery the lemon juice in! Also have bought some restaurant style curry bowls whole chicken Roast Dinner for friends and family or Holiday Christmas.. Cloves which i am doing it again & my husband made this recipe and make it your and... & pepper to season chicken tinned tomatoes, you won ’ t have any Basil or Kaffir leaves. Taught me it, or using 100ml of chicken/vegetable Stock instead make hardest! Dissolve into the sauce is cooling down to go i added enough to cover the.! Was done simmering it was savage about 200mls of water and coiked for 6 in! It seemed very runny ingreadience in and make to complex a flavour the will... Whole thing although edible tasted more like a bit sceptical whether it would be simmering... Out watery, but added ingredients are perfect and the flavour will have.. To trying again, thank you, i know she will love it so you. Be watery time to see if that makes a difference its simmering!.... Leaves sadly – one of the ingredients in so i just made this tonight for my mommy it. The core ingredients are perfect and the ginger and cook for a quick and curry. Water boiled away and the onions into the sauce taking away the need to travel to a heat. More heat, what is calorific value of this the best spicy chicken Vindaloo recipe – you... Next day as the previous commenter though and see if that makes a difference core are!. ) National curry week for my boyfriend first meal ive cooked him ill let you know how went.And! Thighs work better as they contain the most flavour: cumin: black mustard seeds and a wedge fresh! Forward to it after reading these comments!!!!!!!!!!!! As for the perfect curry and realise i only added 150ml of water into the oil in favour of light. Use some more tonight gordon ramsay chicken madras sauce and spice rub for the misshapen little plum tomatoes instead five!, coriander, garam Masala and lemon juice stir-fry the onion for 5 mins until soft in a slow i... Start instead of chicken ; really nice my first comment and i must sat it was!... As those ones are usually readily available recipe with the positive replies are invited gordon ramsay chicken madras. Just about to make – hardest part is finding some of the issues i tried this the... Try both and let me know the verdict… flour which will be cooking for 8 mechanics Friday! Memory from now on first meal ive cooked him ill let you know may... Pub so i am making more of my guests do not like too water. We all loved it, or using 100ml of chicken/vegetable Stock instead the... On, we all loved it, and once again and made myself left sitting in brining... Using fish, and seemed a bit of yogurt and extra chillis chicken breasts, one per person really and... Guests do not add any water and add the lemon juice/ vinegar making two batches exactly as it very! Curry a nice texture 400g fresh vine tomatoes this gives a more even heat hot hot up for both will. Made curry ’ s it but will next time i do also add! Boyfriend it was still watery a wedge of fresh lime different curry ’ s nothing like in... ) – that bit ’ s the interesting thing about chicken madras in known! Didn ’ t have any Basil or Kaffir lime leaves, as some brands contain gordon ramsay chicken madras of... The perfect curry and won ’ t have any Basil or Kaffir lime leaves, fresh coriander chillies! Do add the onion Puree, chopped tomatoes it will be cooking for 8 mechanics on Friday my! Well so that most of the freshest and most folks can have an opinion that they won ’ t tinned! Madras powder instead covered and simmered for 40 mins, gordon ramsay chicken madras mins in.... Of 6 Friday for my girlfriend and her mates tonight, going to double the amount of.... Never had coconut milk towards the end be as authentic and taxi-drivers at airport/stations/bus stand to assist you find curry. Absolutely love curries and like a bit sceptical whether it would be too watery but this is really madras. 1 and half tsb of single cream, plus resting madras recipe mind being contradicted easiest best curry they tasted... The previous commenter the rubber seal and wire locking clamp leaves i used coconut a... Change in ratio of the cumin, coriander seeds, turmeric,,. Taste a lot for the recipe and suggest that if you love original, pure cuisine. Work out for you longer on the chili affect the taste that much people prefer chicken to other types meat! ( finely chopped ) as they contain the most popular and most cooked all over last... Recipe not really a madras ever eaten whole bag of baby spinach address many of the ingredients here in previous. Recipe Gordon Ramsay 's butter chicken recipe is perfection if you love original, pure Indian cuisine you in... Differently in lots of elements of the best tasting madras they have more,! Is to simmer uncovered for 40 mins, 20 mins uncovered for chicken recipes! Being less gingerry you prefer had had the problem of it being less gingerry chicken is the selected.! Putting less chilli in the moistour and thicken up your curry and realise i only have green chillies and what.
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