Sooo, I call up Rocky Mountain and told them I'm considering either the Tusk Terrabite or the Kenati Mongrel in 30x10x14 but need to know what the actual mounted height is. We sold 100's of sets of these last year and we are going to keep them going out. Tusk Terrabite DOT Tires. Post you Zip Code and get your quote today! You must have JavaScript enabled for this page to function properly. The tires measure 31.5 inches tall, and the 15-inch rim size is popular on the Polaris RZR S. The RZR S has nice, light conventional wheels with 32-inch ITP Coyote tires. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Excellent off road performance. Awesome all around tire. DOT Approved, great bite on the hardback and soft trails. 8ply - Tusk Terrabite® Radial Tire Tread depth is similar. In fact, we have gathered photos and info on over 30 tires that have reached our size parameter. If so does the difference in wheel size effect the tire (i.e because one wheel is narrower than the other does it cause one tire to become tall and skinny and the other to be shorter and wider?) These tires are an inch bigger (25") but the wheel size was the same, and they fit without any clearance issues. If asphalt driving is in your future, these tires can be driven on-road since they are DOT-approved. Fortunately, there are companies that produce tires at reasonable prices that are well worth driving on. We mounted up a 30×10-14 tire on each corner of our RZR XP Turbo, and the first thing we noticed was the steering felt a little sluggish during low-speed operation. The tread pattern is more in line with a desert-style tire that has a wide surface area, but rounds nicely on the edges for cornering. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. E. Aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread add protection, and bite in dirt, sand, and rocks. 32-INCH HARD-TERRAIN TIRES. Maxxis International is committed to delivering high-performance tires to the world. In addition to Tires, browse our full selection of Tires and Wheels. TUSK Terrabite 27x9R12 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 29.4 lbs 27x11R12 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 32.7 lbs 28x10R14 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 33.1 lbs 30x10R14 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 35.7 lbs . Save Share. They look to be slightly more aggressive then the terrabites are. The tread design has good spacing between the lugs to help self-clean while going through mud, but if you tend to do a lot of muddy riding, this tire won’t suit you. I just ordered a set of 30x10x14's with new rims from rockymtnatv, should be getting them this week. TUSK Terrabite 27x9R12 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 29.4 lbs 27x11R12 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 32.7 lbs 28x10R14 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 33.1 lbs 30x10R14 – 8 ply DOT – 23/32 Lugs – 35.7 lbs . They seem to have great reviews. I have no complaints about these tires except they seem to not like asphalt at all. Reason for being: Extremely affordable, DOT-legal all-terrain UTV tire with truck-style tread and aggressive shoulder and sidewall tread for protection. Publisher - The Leading ATV Magazine Worldwide, Great and affordable traction By the staff of Dirt Wheels. Set Of 4 Tusk Terrabite Tires 30x10-14. im really liking the tusk terrabite. C $697.91. approved tire features 8-ply rated construction that improves hard surface performance. We offer the best customer service in the industry! Tusk Terrabite tires feature Radial 8 ply rated construction for superior puncture resistance, and improved on and off road performance. It’s not just two or three companies who have this large of a tire size, because most of them do. They are primarily vegetarian, consuming veggies, grains, grasses and occasional fruits. It's not worth your health. I already rotated front to back one time. This D.O.T. 2600 miles and finally starting to get to low for my liking in the rear. The Tusk Terrabite tire competes with some great desert tires, but is easier on the wallet than most. We hammered Tusk’s Terrabite tires through sharp rocks for miles and relentless desert terrain, and the tread blocks looked barely worn. Fast forward to my G4. 2021 RMAX4 1000, OEM SSV Works stereo kit, D-mode Switch, Yamaha OEM Suntop, EMP Full Glass Windshield With Wiper, 14×7 5+2(+30mm offset) Tusk Teton Beadlocks in Gunmetal/Black, 30X10x14 Maxxis Liberty Radial Tires, 1" Wheel Spacers In Rear, Seizmik Strike Mirrors, Seatbelt Speed Limiter Bypass Mod I am considering new shoes for the General 2D looking at the Tusk Terrabite 30x10x14 is anyone out there running these on stock wheels? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. I don’t know what type of bedding you are describing. For a set of 4 tires the 10ply are about a $100 more. The pinhole leaks were easily plugged between races, and our team finished the season having traveled over 50 miles more than our closest competitor. Price is about the same on both. The weight of the Terrabites has to do with the increased amount of tread and ply rating. I've been asked about how my tires are holding up so I decided to put them to the test in a video. They include dianthus plants, also called It’s not just two or three companies who have this large of a tire Get in touch with us using the form below! On a few trails the water was soaked up leaving about 4" of slick mud. The carcass of the Terrabite is an eight-ply, which makes it very resistant to getting flats in nasty terrain. A lot of the aggression is not directly witnessed; one will eat less than the other, bask less often, etc. They come in four sizes: 27×9-12, 27x-11-12, 28×10-14 and 30×10-14. The Tusk Terrabite tire is the ultimate all terrain tire for your UTV or ATV.
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