428 seq.). Perplexity as the exponential of the cross-entropy. If I am not mistaken, perplexity, or p perplexity, is a measure of the number of words in a sentence. 32. Use Perplexity in a sentence. 47+1 sentence examples: 1. Perplexity in a sample sentence. (10) Beauchamp stamped in his extreme perplexity. Spencer Tracy played the perplexity of this type of man. For example, if the sentence was. On the street corner he stood for a -Confusion is the nearest possible word, it means bewilderment, perplexity or lack of clarity In other words, the model is as confused on test data as if it had to choose uniformly and independently among 247 possibilities for each word. Hence arise infinite and inextricable difficulties which obstruct the study of canon law; an immense field for controversy and litigation; a thousand perplexities of conscience; and finally contempt for the laws."' Find more ways to say perplexity, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The children looked at each other in perplexity, and the Wizard sighed. 31. How to use the word Perplexity in a sentence? Note: if you need a refresher on entropy I heartily recommend this document by Sriram Vajapeyam. His perplexity of countenance was eloquent. She saw displeasure with perplexity expressed in Viola's face. 4. Perplexity definition: Perplexity is a feeling of being confused and frustrated because you do not understand... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Thus, if the test sample's sentences comprised a total of 1,000 words, and could be coded using a total of 7.95 bits per word, one could report a model perplexity of 2 7.95 = 247 per word. The change in the use of particles and the comparative rarity of the definite article form, together with the startling divergence in vocabulary, the chief ground of our perplexity" (Church Quarterly Review, 1903, pp. 3. 4. 2. Dictionary ! Perplexity can also be defined as the exponential of the cross-entropy: Perplexity is a feeling of being confused. For his mother, this is a source both of pride and perplexity. They regarded the appointment with some perplexity. The perplexity of the model " q " is defined as; This would give an enormous model perplexity of 2 190 per sentence. perplexity definition is - the state of being perplexed : bewilderment. It's difficult to see perplexity in a sentence . Sentence Examples. Menu. How to use perplexity in a sentence. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. Sentence examples with the word Perplexity. WE DID WEAKEN US IN THE … "Coffusion" is gibberish. WE DID NOT WEAKEN US IN THE TANK. In my perplexity I did not know whose aid and advice to seek. Perplexity is the measure of how likely a given language model will predict the test data. Dumfounded, To fill with astonishment and perplexity; confound. Perplexity has turned to outrage, and the issue is in court. They use perplexity in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for perplexity. It would yield p perplexity if the sentences were rephrased as. If we want, we can also calculate the perplexity of a single sentence, in which case W would simply be that one sentence. Another word for perplexity.