The game will have a … Control Ultimate Edition's photo mode doubles up as a ray tracing benchmark PS5 and Series X put through their paces. PS5 should probably support it. Face-off by Alex Battaglia , Contributor Review: Control is Remedy’s best game yet—and a ray tracing masterpiece The promise of solid games like Alan Wake , Quantum Break has finally been fulfilled. While the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X felt like they sacrificed too much in resolution to hit higher fps, the PS5 and Series X have been able to maintain clarity and instead sacrifice ray-tracing … On the other hand, when it comes to the hardware part, Control Ultimate Edition will support Ray-Tracing on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. For Control, Remedy has rolled out a new iteration of their Northlight Engine, first seen in the transmedia-enhanced Quantum Break, which marked a new chapter in Remedy’s search for a filmic, cinematic look.Accordingly, Control is super-realistic, with soft, yet detailed visuals, that on PC are upgraded with several lifelike ray-traced effects that take graphical fidelity to new heights. Uncaptured control points, surrounded by a field of red look incredibly when married with Ray-Tracing and the fuzziness of the Hiss’ energy looks even better and creepier here than it did on PS5. I’d happily pay for a PS5 version, but not full price again. Higher Frame Rate, Ray Tracing, And More Coming To Control: Ultimate Edition The PS5 and Xbox Series X updates for Remedy's critical hit will give you the option to play in two different modes. Scarlett is supposed to, but both consoles are using AMD and afaik AMD hasn't shown their ray tracing … Sam Machkovech - … This is a game with a literal night-and-day difference between the PC and console versions and much of that is down to ray-tracing. While ray-tracing in Control: ... of course, disappointing that publisher 505 Games hasn’t offered free next-gen upgrades to those who already have Control on PS4 or … Enabling ray tracing is a surefire way to do so, though it isn’t always possible on Sony’s PlayStation platforms. Control ran pretty terribly on my base PS4 yet was still my GotY last year. ray tracing is relegated to the top of line GPUs at this point.