Don’t worry though, there might be something that you can do. by Kristi Hagen. one of the channels had only one original video whcih got banned Soph's YouTube account was terminated for posting a homophobic video that ended with "threats". My YouTube account has been suspended - Now what?! If you still want to use YouTube from old gmail account, follow the last method. 210 accounts Group of people 23 August 2019 210 YouTube channels involved in "coordinated influence operations" towards the 2019–20 Hong Kong protests were suspended. But if you appeal, at some point a real person will look at your account. Math question * 4 + 3 = Solve this simple math … finding it hard to believe that whole google accounts got suspended for spamming a youtube … The YouTube scam email reads, “We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our community guidelines and your YouTube account will be suspended … YouTube has suspended US President Donald Trump’s account for at least a week after removing a video uploaded to his channel because of a policy violation. Yesterday, April 9th 2015 my youtube account (ID: “silentjimdotcom”) was suspended after being labeled somehow as “inappropriate for children” (aka porn?) My client had 60+ product demo videos on their YouTube channel. My YouTube account got suspended today at around 3 PM. If your YouTube account has been suspended, you’re in big trouble. The prime minister, Tony Abbott, had his YouTube account mistakenly suspended on the weekend after users complained it had deceptive content. It's not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive videos. Now what?! A similar incident, exactly two years ago, kept RT’s YouTube channel offline for about eight hours. Reasons for YouTube account suspension. This was disclosed in a social media statement by YouTube on Wednesday. The back end administration became accessible at 1700 GMT. We are constantly working to keep YouTube free of spam. The only way is to fix this problem is that you need to contact YouTube support team. My channel was suspended this morning for "Spam, Scams, or Commercially deceptive content", none of … I got an email saying that my account violates YouTube community guidelines for posting spam, scam, or commercially deceptive content. Let … Her Patreon was also terminated. I have already submitted an appeal through: ... Can anyone assist me with this or PLEASE get an actual human being at Google/Youtube to check the account? I 'm wondering if anyone has experience of a YouTube account being suspended? Red Ice TV Far-right October 2019 Login to your mail, and open the mail from YouTube and you will see contact form link. But in reality, I didn’t. Twitter suspended three meme accounts launched by Planters to promote their re-incarnated Mr. Peanut mascot, dubbed Baby Nut.. Baby Nut was unveiled during an ad at the 2020 Super Bowl Sunday, following a campaign that centered around the death of Mr. Peanut.. I had a time a while back when my youtube account got blocked ... someone creating new account and sending spam from it or collecting phishing data. 15. My YouTube account was suspended for spam. there must be more backstory to this. YouTube suspended my account This post was written to be a counterweight to all the top Google search results telling people that a suspended (or terminated) YouTube account equals a lost account. “After review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies. First, let me explain the stakes. Hello. Front end services were suspended from around 0700 GMT until shortly before 1000 GMT. The … Before you remove the user from the Restricted Users portal, be sure to follow the required steps to regain control of their account. Yesterday when I was putting together a motivational YouTube playlist my YouTube account suddenly got suspended: Close. I have no idea why a channel was suspended and my account terminated. youtube is obviously having some problems, i got 3 accounts banned in 3 days and reason was: spam.